Academic, Literary and Cultural Translation

from French and Italian

I provide a reliable, high quality, but fairly priced, translation service for professors, lecturers, researchers, publishers, and cultural bodies.

I translate all types of academic texts across the humanities and social sciences; texts for cultural institutions such as orchestras and art galleries; as well as literary works, especially neglected classics.



While with literary and cultural translations I strive to capture the spirit of the original, with academic texts I aim for meticulous accuracy, checking any unfamiliar references with the client, and carefully following the style guide of the English-language publisher.  

Crucially, I ensure that the translated document is expressed in an appropriate, concise and coherent academic discourse. As there are significant differences between English stylistic conventions and those in my source languages, I seldom simply translate literally, but rather convey the ideas as effectively and precisely as possible.




Customised Quotations, Not Fixed Rates


I quote for all projects individually, based on the length and complexity of the source text.

Before starting work, I agree deadlines for submission and payment.  For long projects, I can send a free sample of up to 500 words, will normally arrange payment in instalments, and may ask you to sign a contract. 


I prefer to be paid in pounds sterling by bank transfer to my UK account. If you need to pay in another currency or by another method, please mention this when asking  for a quote.


Send details and the original document to enquiries@academictranslation.co.uk


I will respond within one working day.


Please note that I can give a quotation only after seeing the complete final draft of the text to be translated.